Found a roll of unprocessed film from 2007

Recently I found a roll of unprocessed, unmarked, bulk loaded film in my kitchen junk drawer. I had no idea of what type of film or ASA speed it was, when it was exposed or what was on it. As I was overcome by curiosity I decided I had to develop it. I assumed it was probably either Ilford HP5 or FP4 as those were the only bulk films I used years ago. As such I processed it using the Stand Developing technique. I processed in HC-110 Diluted 1:100 for 60 minutes with one agitation at 30 mins. I was very surprised to see that anything turned out as this film had been sitting in a drawer with latent images on it for at least 13 years. This is what I found. Turns out it was Ilford FP4. Now that I see the images I can remember doing this photo session for a friend but still surprised when I saw the images.

Plus de photo par iwest