Yes, using analogue cameras sometimes go wrong.


Dealing with analogue cameras, sometimes, can be upsetting.
Either because the camera stops shooting in the middle of a roll or the battery dies (if you’re using a SLR, for instance) when you are travelling and you can’t manage to buy a new one.
Even worse: you take the roll to be developed and when you ready to check out the results the camera shop guy says you roll was unexposed for some reason and you have zero photos.
It has already happened to me many times and I must confess that I got really annoyed and I even thought of taking just digital pics.
Another problem is when you dont like the results of your photos, but this is another issue…
At this very moment I am looking at a problematic Canon AE-1. The rewind button got stuck inside the camera body. Shit happens, indeed.
Despite of what I`ve said, I am crazy about analogue photography, so I think I will never give up on shooting film.
Lomo on!

écrit par crismiranda le2014-07-08

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    Shit happens

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    I have shot two rolls with my zenit em and it's a real russian roulette! I accidentally ripped the first roll and the second one got stolen on its way to the lab.. oh well :D