The best camera is the one you have with you....
Choose carefully.

My camera's
Agfa billy compur.
Canon eos 100, 50e, 300v, 3000v, 400d, 600.
Canon AV1, T70, T90.
Zeiss ikon nettar, medium format.
Zeiss ikon Contaflex 1, IV
Minolta dynax 7000i, 600si classic, 9xi.
Minolta 110 zoom slr mark 2.
Minolta SR 1s.
Minolta srt100.
Minolta srt303.
Canon sureshot zoom xl.
Canon sureshot tele 40/70mm.
Mamiya/sekor 500tl.
Halina 35x.
Fuji finepix S4300.
Ihagee Exa500.
Ihagee Exakta Varex 2b.
Practica LTL.
Miranda sensorex A.
Yashica A tlr.
Yashica minister 2 and 2b.
Ricoh XR-X.
Pentax SFX.
Sony a350.
Certo phot 120.
Bell and Howell Dial half frame 35mm.

Favorite film.
Ilford XP4.
Ilford hp5.
Ilford FP4.
Fomapan 100, 200,400.
Kentmere 100, 400
Ilford hp5 plus 120 roll film.
Fuji color 400.
Fuji superia 400.
Kodak gold 200.
Kodak Tmax 100, 400.

50 896

Mes Albums