shots from this years beach ultimate tournament porro open in castelldefels

the roll i bought was obviously bad stored. pretty grainy and strange colourshifts. just like my 135mm rsx200 and sensia 100 not really what would have expected. it´s pretty annoying to get such results. but i have to admit that some shots do look pretty good anyway.

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  1. marta1901
    marta1901 ·

    this silhouette shots at sunset you do are just brutal, I really love them!

  2. andrejrusskovskij
    andrejrusskovskij ·

    so spontaneous, love how you caught the motion

  3. emkei
    emkei ·

    beautiful action shot!

  4. gepo1303
    gepo1303 ·

    Sehr hübsch

  5. ohlordy
    ohlordy ·

    so good!

  6. chippo
    chippo ·


  7. dida
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  8. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    very nice album.

  9. grazie
    grazie ·


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  11. bloomchen
  12. moodification
    moodification ·


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