chat en noir et blanc

I got my LomoKino today and here is my "first-roll-of-film" :P

its movie-time.
20 min devleopment time
>2h scanning and image cropping

3 commentaires

  1. barbucha
    barbucha ·

    is it a british blue? :)

  2. angelhaken
    angelhaken ·

    @barbucha It's a British Shorthair... I'm not sure if thats the same or not, only a few weeks old. he gets biiiig :)

  3. barbucha
    barbucha ·

    i think so :) we had british blue and now we have russian blue (but she is more black than blue :)) british cats are big :D the russian one is much more smaller :) those cats are very inteligent, i like them

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