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  1. drudolph
    drudolph ·

    love this picture. Where did you get the head?

  2. tracyvmoore
    tracyvmoore ·

    Thanks for the comments ;-) This was an artist at the Design Festa show in Tokyo. Design Festa has somewhere around 2000 artists who all take over little booths like this one and do crazy stuff in them and on them. And they sell there amazing art here too. I just loved the entire idea that this guy (maybe a girl in there....haha...not sure)....had ;-)

  3. tsnsak
    tsnsak ·

    okay seriously. love...you asked about the photo w/the colors and miss m...I used the splitzer w/color flash...exposed left then right corner w/ different color gel on flash then took off the splitzer and did one exp. w/ blue flash and one no color flash... : )

  4. adela
    adela ·


  5. u-t-e
    u-t-e ·

    This is so damn cool!!!

  6. mandashitley
    mandashitley ·

    oh my god i love it

  7. halfawakehaiku
    halfawakehaiku ·

    Effin Awesome!

  8. stouf
    stouf ·


  9. blue-dog
    blue-dog ·

    Yes; like some kind of David Lynch idea. A really great composition.

  10. serdjo
    serdjo ·


  11. serdjo
    serdjo ·


  12. carton
    carton ·

    gorgeous!i'm in love

  13. duckandcover
    duckandcover ·

    Really mad shot!

  14. falsedigital
    falsedigital ·

    So many likes already...but it's so bizarre I just had to add my like to the pile :P

  15. fafascinado
    fafascinado ·


  16. ali55
    ali55 ·

    This is awesome! i love how the artist hides his identity in a horse head!

  17. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·


  18. photochrom
    photochrom ·

    This is crazy(horse)! :))

  19. neja
    neja ·


  20. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    hilarious and beautiful -

  21. rockefella
    rockefella ·

    It looks like the horse is in deep shock! Nice

  22. mgeorgiavaldes
    mgeorgiavaldes ·

    this is fantastic! the color contrast is great but the horse head made it surreal looking. great shot!

  23. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    hha really cool!

  24. elelostdog
    elelostdog ·

    really love this

  25. imadefan
    imadefan ·

    Awesome shot! :)

  26. yijing
    yijing ·

    Fuyohh... like this idea!

  27. supermegahomers
    supermegahomers ·

    this one looks awesome!

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