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Self portrait “Until there is only memory left”

When I’m tried or exhausted about something that happened in a day, I alway sit down and take time with picture of my childhood. When I looked at the pictures, I see the innocent eyes and a smile of my childhood picture. After I take time with my picture I realized that nothing stays with us forever, whether it be a smile, ourselves ,everything that happened , There always be the past, and the past may not come back again or something may come back, no one knows. So I do this self portrait set to show “The existence of self until there is only memory left”

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feeling forever happiness happy life living memory mood peaceful sad self portrait
Appareil :
Canon AE-1
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fuji color 400
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Canon FD 50mm 1.4
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Self portrait “Until there is only memory left”

La Nostalgie de l'Enfance

Que vous ayez passé vos journées à jouer avec des tamagotchis ou à mettre des barrettes papillon, nous voulons voir vos moments d’enfance les plus nostalgiques capturés sur pellicule !

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