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High turbulence inside Garuda Indonesia airways from Bali to Bandung ✈🌈⚡💫

This was my first E6 process ever about 4 or 5 years ago when there are no lab in Indonesia were providing E6 process. Many thanks to @artlens who really kind helping me when I'm (just as usual 8D) annoying other lomographer's photo comment section and asking him whether if I could hitchiking my film to be E6 processed by her girlfriend @isilyellowcopets who at that time was studied in Germany. Then she processed the film at Saturn Foto, Hamburg, Germany. Recently heard that Saturn had stopped their operation (cmiiw) so sad to hear it. I scan the cliche at Seni Abadi foto lab Bandung. I did E6 process to this cinestill film because I thought at that time if cinematic film should be E6 processed but it made the color turn underexposure 8DDD T_T I felt like it's too expensive to deleted this wrong photo so I decided to uploaded it

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e6 hervinsyah indonesia
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Cinestill 800
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Trial and Error: Prix de la Photographie expérimentale 2020

Voici l'appel à candidatures pour les Lomography Annual Photography Awards : les TEN AND ONE 2020 ! Présentez vos meilleures photos expérimentales et soyez le champion de notre catégorie Trial and Error.

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