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Waiting for someone who's expired

First time ever that i'm using an expired film roll - this one in particular was expired in 2006 - so i didn't know how the results might be. The Agfa 100 HDC was shot with Sunny 16 rule as a 25 ISO roll.

Photographe :
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Tags :
agfa expired girl italian italy lomo portrait red rome time vintage waiting woman
Appareil :
Chinon M1
Pellicule :
Agfa HDC 100
Objectif :
Helios 44-2 58mm f/2.0
Ville :
Rome (Rm)
Pays/région :
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Human Stories: Prix du Portrait 2020

Voici l'appel à candidatures pour les Lomography Annual Photography Awards : les TEN AND ONE 2020 ! Présentez vos meilleurs portraits et soyez le champion de notre catégorie Human Stories.

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