Thanksgiving 2013!!!! Part 1 (Lubitel)

I had the most AMAZING time with my family for Thanksgiving! They braved the Chicago weather from San Francisco and brought with them coats that were too thin and hearts that were so full. I love each and every one of them so much. ReAir is my little cousin who makes all of our hearts melt and she wanted to go to the park despite the 20 degree weather. No way I wasn't going to take portraits!!! And, thank you DeDe for getting excited about long exposures; future Lomographer in the making. I hope you can feel the love in these shots!! It's the spirit of my Nettie and our Aunt Libby bringing us all together. Enjoy!!!! =-) p.s. I have no words to adequately convey how special I feel to be the Lomo Home of the Day (12/9/13)!! Photography brings me so much joy, so to have my love for the art words, but thank you!! Big xx's!!!!

Plus de photo par waggrad00