This roll actually was shot at 1600 about 2 weeks ago and put aside to do a second 1600 ISO shoot and then develop as such. However, when I grabbed film for tonight, I saw it and thought I'd try it. Since it was gonig to be shooting at dusk and trying to extend my shots by 1-3 stops anyway, I thought I'd shoot it around 400 ISO to 800 ISO and push it to 1600 so the other shots stood out. And I thought the extra exposure and push would make it look and feel a little more like bright sunlight then dusk.

It turned out you can barely see any of the first set of shots in the photos. And the amount of over exposure and over development was just right to get the darks and lights to all show.

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bridge bw doubles dusk foot traffic mx over expose panorama pedestrian wide wide angle
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Horizon 202
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Orwo N74+
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Tulsa, OK
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United States
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Bridge at Dusk R2 (08-18-2014)
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