My second roll in the Smena 8M. I used some Fujifilm 200 that I made into redscale for this roll. However, it appears that for most of the shots I had my exposure off by too much and the results were grainy blobs instead of deep rich red scale goodness. I normally try to do 1-2 stops over, depending on the film. In this case, I was shooting for around 2 over but for whatever reason it looks like it just went haywire. Oh well.

Photographe :
Téléchargé :
Appareil :
Lomo Smena 8M (disponible sur notre boutique en ligne)
Pellicule :
Fujifilm 200
Ville :
Tulsa, OK
Pays/région :
United States
Albums :
Around Town R2 (02-09-2014)

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