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Testing the Rollei A110. What a cute little cam, so well made. The lens is fantastic! I have a roll of the new Tiger 110 in it now so we'll see how that goes, should be even better. :)

clickiemcpete This photo was shot on film. Lomographe : clickiemcpete
Appareil : Rollei A110
Pellicule : fuji superia expired 2003
Lieu : Northfield, MA
Trouvé dans les albums suivants : Rollei A110 Test Roll

2 commentaires

  1. clickiemcpete


    I ran into the girl who works as a dental assistant and cleans my teeth...can't remember her name right off but she's a little red haired cutey. :)

    il y a environ 2 ans · signaler comme indésirable
  2. grazie


    oh Peter :D...she's a cutey alright

    il y a environ 2 ans · signaler comme indésirable

Ou cela se passe-t-il ?

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