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1989: I made myself a present for highschool graduation with a Nikon F-301. _____ 1999: I forgot the Nikon parked on the roof of my car (a huge van). Just the body was broken, so I bought a new one, replaced the broken body - but it still didn't work :-( _____ 07.07.2012: I found the old camera in some unexpected place, I was taken by nostalgic feelings, disassembled the whole camera, cleaned it, reassemled it again, put new batteries in - aaaand: IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!! I took her and my new Kiev 88 that arrived just one day before out for a walk in the Nordsternpark in Gelsenkirchen, then I took some photos at Zeche Zollverein... And you wanna know what? I am happier with my fixed old F-301 than I am with my new old Kiev88 - even though the F-301 cannot really compete with the Kiev88! It's a matter of imaginary values... ;-)

artichekt This photo was shot on film. Lomographe : artichekt
Appareil : Nikon F301
Pellicule : Fuji Provia 100F 35mm
Lieu : Gelsenkirchen
Tags: slr, tryout, architektur, architecture, architettura, nikon, düsseldorf, essen, industry, industria, industrie, nordstern, nordsternpark, zollverein et arag
Date: 2012-07-07
Time: Après midi
Trouvé dans les albums suivants : Old love never dies.

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  1. raggymaggie


    great shot:)

    il y a plus de 2 ans · signaler comme indésirable

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