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Introducing La Sardina DIY - Make It Unique!

Now you can design your very own La Sardina camera! The new La Sardina DIY is your blank slate for your creativity - paint on it, doodle or write on it, do whatever you want to make it unique!

Put your artistic talent to good use and decorate the La Sardina DIY with any design you want. Thanks to its interchangeable panels and special ink permeable material, letting your imagination loose on the La Sardina DIY couldn’t be more fun!

Tools of the Trade

The La Sardina DIY comes with everything you need, fresh off the box! Inside, you’ll find the right screwdriver, plenty of extra screws and transparent front/back panels.

Learn more about the La Sardina DIY

Design it, Submit it and Win!

We’re on the lookout for the wackiest, most creative La Sardina DIYs. Submit images of your unique customizations to our competition and you could be one of the three lucky winners to receive Piggies and a second La Sardina DIY Edition to do more crazy works of art on!

Join the competition!

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