Monday Moodboard: Exquisite Photographs Blending Women and Flowers by Lara Kiosses


So, how do you make a beautiful series of photographs? It’s simple – merge two already beautiful subjects like women and flowers the way photographer Lara Kiosses did with this amazing series of multiple exposure photographs.

If you’re looking for an idea for your next photo series then you may have found more than just ideas. These exquisitely-done multiple exposure photographs of women and flowers are overflowing with beauty and inspiration.

Paris-based photographer *Lara Kiosses* carefully and beautifully blends the two subjects into imagery that is just downright gorgeous and stunning. One quick look at one of Kiosses’ photos and you may just spot some beautiful flower with colorful notes and petals but closer inspection reveals the feminine beauty that lies beneath. Her dreamy series is titled _Romantic Collection_

Images by Lara Kiosses via Blossom-Talent

Aside from the natural allure of flowers, the photographer also focuses on the feminine beauty of her models. She accentuates their forms in a style that reveals only what is needed – a slight spritz of intimacy here and there. Kiosses tastefully renders imagery that intrigues and at the same time expresses appreciation for the beauty of women and nature.

You can see more of the photographer’s work here and here.

All information used in this article were sourced from Blossom-Talent.

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