Making Memories: On Campus and Beyond

It’s time to share you campus memories.

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Getting an education is one of the most important and lengthiest journeyswe undergo in preparation for our future. And securing our future in this society means finishing school, getting a well-paying job and being successful in one’s career.

It’s no wonder we spend a chunk of our lives studying, learning all that we can in anticipation of what lies ahead. Sure, there’s spring break, summer vacation, and the yuletide season, but as students, we spend majority of our days, weeks, months and years on campus.

From primary to secondary, junior high to college, hundreds or maybe even thousands of memories flood each day of our lives as students. Going to school isn’t just about books and numbers. There are so many other things that we learn in school, so many experiences that we draw lessons from.

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October is about #MakingMemories at Lomography, and this week, we would like to see and hear about your campus memories. Got a picture of yourself on your first day in Kindergarten, perhaps? How about our high school graduation, or maybe even prom pictures from one retro evening decades ago?

Share with us your campus tales by writing an analogue lifestyle piece and including those childhood photos. Find the guidelines on our requested posts here. If you’re not up for writing and you just want to show the world those visual memories, join this rumble instead.

Why not change your user photos—-here and elsewhere—-to show everyone how you looked in uniform with an armful of books, or even without books, just having fun on the school grounds, or even a college party.

Share your photos via Facebook and Twitter and tag them with #MakingMemories and #Lomography hashtags. This will make it easier for us to revisit our memories, and build an archive of those unforgettable moments.

This month is dedicated to #MakingMemories with Lomography. Raid your attic, blow the dust off your photo albums, and share your favorite analogue memories with the world. Scan those photos and upload them to Lomography and your social media accounts, using the tags #MakingMemories and #Lomography. It’s time to celebrate the good old days through the magic of analogue photography!

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