LomoScanner App Now Available for iTunes


We’re proud to announce that the LomoScanner App is now available for iPhone! Designed for use with the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner, the LomoScanner App allows you to scan 35mm photos with your smartphone including special formats such as panoramas and LomoKino movies!

The LomoScanner App in action

If you own the Lomography Film Scanner and an iPhone, then head over to the iTunes store to download the newly released LomoScanner App completely free of charge! With the LomoScanner App you can now:

• Scan all types of 35mm film (including color negative, slide, X-Pro, redscale and black and white)
• Stitch together 35mm panoramas
• Easily scan and animate LomoKino movies
• Share your photos with the click of a button!

Please note that this is the first version of the App. We wanted to launch it as soon as we could to get your feedback on the basic functionality. We will work hard to optimize the app based on your input. So if you encounter any issues or have suggestions for the app, please just drop us a line at help@lomography.com

Download the App from iTunes

Note: Android users, don’t fear! The Android version is also on the way and will be released soon!

Photo by sixsixty scanned with the Lomography Film Scanner

Get Your Own Lomography Film Scanner!

Still not got your hands on the Lomography Film Scanner? Together with the LomoScanner App, it’s the ultimate tool for quickly and easily scanning and sharing all those 35mm pictures. Easy to use and lightweight, it can be carried pretty much anywhere for scanning on the move. Bring old negatives back to life or share new ones quickly and easily with your friends.

Buy the Lomography Film Scanner
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2 commentaires

  1. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    awesome I just downloaded it and can't wait to try it! Thanks

  2. pmueller
    pmueller ·

    I just used the app and scanned a lomokino negative with my iPhone 4s and created a video by clicking on the only blue button. But where can i find the video I just created? It is neither in the Photo/camera roll nor in the video app of the phone. Second question: when I invert the negative with the phone it turns blue. Strange. I hope you can help me!

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