The Camera Collection


How’s this for pretty photographic pixels? A team of three artists have collaborated to produce this insanely perky video of the most popular cameras over the years. Guess how many Lomography cameras made it to the cut by watching the video below!

The Camera Collection is an art collaboration between illustrator Bill Brown, animator Antonio Vicentini, and musician Ben Hantoot. The video is an adorable tribute to both analogue and digital photography, with pixel transformations from classic cameras to our very own Lomographic choices to even storage options like film and SD cards!

the camera collection by Antonio Vicentini

Did you spot the Lomography cameras in the video? Brown created 100 pixelated camera illustrations under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License which means you can do absolutely anything with the graphics as long as you properly credit the artist! Super sweet.

Images via Bill Brown

So cute and kitschy! Reminds you of these Lomographic Posters too, don’t they?

About using pixel art, Brown says he was influenced by the video games of the 90s. “Since my gaming purge in 2005, pixelated images have always carried a certain nostalgia and beauty for me.”

Visit Bill Brown for more info. Sourced from gizmodo and vimeo.

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  1. djramsay
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    Fantastic, love it :D

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    Amazing! 8bits forever!

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    this is awsome!!!!

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    so sweet!

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    So cute!

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    i want this for my desktop icon..

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    love the pixel art ;)

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    i spot this in here's the

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    soo cute!

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    wow! like it :)

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    This video is so awesome, and I gotta say, I got a little sad when the analogue cameras started changing into digital cameras...

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    cute ^^

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